Michigan Progressive Women's caucus

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"Every issue is a woman’s issue. From fully funding our schools, to closing the pay gap, to increasing access to reproductive healthcare and economic security - women must be at the table to make a difference."
-Rep. Kristy Pagan, Chair

Monthly Member Spotlight

  • Padma Kuppa
    District 41
  • Task Forces

    • Task Force- Pay Equality/Economic Security Co-Chair

PWC Member Padma Kuppa is serving her first term, representing the 41st House District, in the Michigan House of Representatives. Representative Kuppa co-chairs the Pay Equality and Economic Security task force, which works to eliminate the wage gap for Michigan’s women and improve the financial and economic security of Michigan’s families. Representative Kuppa along with Senator Geiss introduced a bill package on May 22nd, 2019 that is geared towards closing the pay gap between men and women in Michigan. Before becoming a representative, Representative Kuppa worked in the automotive and finance industries. She has seen pay inequity and challenges faced by working mothers for decades, starting with the challenges her mother, a research scientist, encountered. This personal history is one of the many things that drives Representative Kuppa to help the women of Michigan find economic security and equality.

HB 4632

Prohibit employers from engaging in certain discriminatory practices and allow remedies under Elliott-Larsen civil rights act

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