Gender Violence

Co Chairs

Sen. Sylvia Santana
District 3

Rep. Kara Hope
District 67

Rep. Tenisha Yancey
District 1

One in six women in the U.S. have been victims of sexual assault and more than a third of women have reported experiencing violence at the hands of their intimate partner, not to mention the millions of men who suffer both every year. Our mission is to address the root causes of gender violence – toxic masculinity, rape culture, and survivor silencing and shaming – and focus on prevention, accountability and support for survivors.

Inspired by the brave voices of hundreds of survivors, we proudly led a bipartisan plan to address sexual assault in Michigan and better support survivors.

The House of Representative passed our plan of 27 bills in May 2018. The plan now awaits further action in the Senate.

We are forever grateful for the survivors who spoke out and demanded that Michigan make a change. The historic, bipartisan bills we passed would not be possible without all of them raising their voices and insisting that their state listen to them.

Although the bills are a critical step in the right direction, we know our work is not over.

We are committed to continuing to research, craft and advocate for policies that will strengthen accountability, prevent sexual assault, and protect survivors.