Progressive Women’s Caucus Continues Fight to End Wage Discrimination

Since introducing the bills a year ago, the Republican-led Legislature has taken no action to consider them — no committee hearings have been held, and no votes have been taken. Meanwhile, Michigan families who depend on women’s earnings to make ends meet continue to suffer from the state’s enduring wage gap. The bills in the Progressive Women’s Caucus pay equity package would: - Require employers to disclose, upon request, wage information for similarly situated employees. - Amend the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to include equal compensation for work of comparable value. - Require employers to post and inform employees about equal pay laws. - Create new user-friendly tools to report pay disparity in the workplace. - Require the state to include a review of wage differentials in its annual report with the goal of decreasing wage disparity between sexes. - Expand the prohibition of wage discrimination by amending the Workforce Opportunity Wage Act. - Allow remedies for wage discrimination under the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act. - Create an incentive awards program for employers who take steps to eliminate wage discrimination in the workplace and establish penalties for companies that don’t comply with equal pay laws.