Women’s Health

Co Chairs

Rep. Julie Brixie
District 69

Rep. Rebekah Warren
District 55

Reproductive health care is health care, and health care should be accessible and affordable for everyone.

That is why the Progressive Women’s Caucus spearheaded legislation to reinstate and protect a woman’s right to reproductive health care access

Our plan targets problematic laws including Michigan’s abortion rider insurance law, and regulations about reproductive health information sharing, the informed consent wait period, and other restrictions that hinder health care access — and that have no proven, medical benefits.

Since being introduced in June 2017, our proposals have sat untouched by committee leaders in the House of Representatives.

We understand the freedom to decide if, when and how to have a family is a critical component of comprehensive reproductive health care.

In February 2018, the Progressive Women’s Caucus introduced a proposal to protect access to contraceptive methods, free of interference from elected officials or employers